Welcome to the Ural Cossacks Choir

Orthodox liturgy and folk music 

The Ural Cossacks Choir from The Hague (NL) performs religious songs from the orthodox liturgy and folk songs from Ukraine. The choir is widely recognized at home and abroad, has performed at television and radio shows and is led by the Ukrainian-born pianist and conductor Oksana Kryuchkova

For over 40 years in the Netherlands 

The Ural Cossacks Choir is the continuation of the original choir of the Ural Cossacks regiment that has been discontinued in 1917 and re-established in Paris in 1924. It was continued in the Netherlands in 1974. 

The Ural Cossacks Choir is active in Europe for over 90 years,
of which almost 50 years in the Netherlands.

Under professional guidance the Ural Cossacks Choir has developed into a choir of high competence. 
The singers are capable of singing with tender voices though strong and harmonious. They also have the ability to develop enormous vocal power without the slightest hint of distortion. 

Tough Cossacks 

The singers originate from The Hague area. In daily life their professions vary from policeman to baker, accountant, bus driver, sales manager and mechanic, to name a few. But once a week at rehearsals and of course while performing they transform into tough Cossacks singing the most beautiful slavic songs accompanied by powerful and skilled solos by tenors and baritones.