Coat of arms

Coat of arms of the Ural Cossack regiment

The regiment's coat of arms of the Ural Cossacks consists of a silver coloured 2-headed eagle; both heads wearing a Czarcrown and the total crest covered by an emperor's crown. 

A ribbon is held in both beaks; in its claws the eagle holds an Atamans staff.

On its chest it has a golden coat of arms; the upper part showing 2 white sturgeons on a blue background and the lower part a white horseman on a red background.

The wings of the eagle carry 2 light blue scutcheons with silver trim. The text on the left depicts the monograph of Czar Fjodr Ivanovitch and the year of formation of the regiment, 1591, and the right depicts the monograph of Czar Alexandr III and the year of celebration of the three hundredth anniversary of the regiment, 1891.