Cossacks in the Netherlands

Cossack influences in The Netherlands

In 1813 Napoleon had to withdraw his troops after big losses. Deventerwas one of the cities that had been declared occupied by the French commander Maymat.As in many cities also in Deventer people revolted. From Germany the allies, English, Germans and Russians, sent troops of light cavalery, among them cossacks, to Deventer to support the revolution. On November 12, 1813 a surprise attack by a small group of cossacks at the Brink-gate of Deventer failed. Also an attempt to take over the city on November 23. The main force of the cossacks went further to the city of Zwolle. A small part of the troops stayed at a highly located spot at the river IJssel in order to observe Deventer. Especially the Noordenberggate could be seen very well from that location. 

This place can still be recognized by the Kozakkenweg (Cossack road), ending at the IJsseldike near the city of Diepenveen. 

At this Kozakkenweg you will find a more than 50 years old limetree, which is called the Kozakkenlinde (Cossack lime). In the city of Gorssel there also is a reminder to the presence of cossacks. On a highly located spot in the fields, at the Huzarenlaan (Hussarlane) you can find the Kozakkenbult (Cossackbump), a small hill where used to be a little shack. In 1941 they built a house, called Kozakkenbelt, on this spot. The Huzarenlaan (Hussarlane) used to be a road from the barracks to the exercise ground of the hussars.In the direct neighbourhood there also is a Kozakkenweg (Cossackroad).