Folkloric Ensemble Uzory

The Folkloric Ensemble Uzory originates from the Ukrainian city of Mykolaiv.
The six band members are musical virtuosos who studied at the music schools of Kiev and Odessa.

They play typical Russian and Ukrainian musical instruments like the domra, balalaika, bayan (a Russian type of accordion), flute and a variety of percussion instruments.

Uzory are praised for their consistently high level of musicianship and high musical standard. Besides Russian and Ukrainian folk music the ensemble are also engaged in different musical genres including classical music and jazz.

The Ural Cossacks Choir and Uzory met in the mid ’90s when Uzory was performing in The Netherlands. Since that time a close cooperation between the two has developed. They perform together at concerts in The Netherlands and Uzory musically accompanied the Ural Cossacks Choir on their last 3 CD’s. In 2004 they performed together in Mykolaiv at the 25th anniversary of Uzory, and again in 2011 in Kiev and Mykolaiv.