The conductor

Gregor Bak

After Gymnasium and classical piano studies, Gregor Bak studied musicology at the State University of Utrecht. During his study and also after its completion in 1987 he worked as music teacher for a number of years at several secondary schools. He has directed various choirs and has been involved as conductor with the Ural Cossack Choir since 1993. As a pianist he is very versatile; his repertoire ranges from classical to pop, from cabaret to musical, and he performs with the soprano Miranda van Kralingen.

He is also active as composer and arranger. In 1990 he composed the musical 'D'rop of d'ronder' for all lower schools in The Netherlands.

Since 1992 he has presented the classical music programme 'C-Majeur' for the Dutch public broadcasting channel NCRV; as a result of this came many different television programmes for Dutch television including 'Schoolstrijd', 'Thank you for the music', 'Bovengemiddeld' and 176 episodes of 'Zo Vader Zo Zoon'. He was member of the jury of the classical singing competition 'Una Voce Particolare' and he presented together with Jochem van Gelder 'De Zingende Zaak'.

The combination of musicologist / presenter ensures that he is often asked to provide 'musical presentations', introductions and information at events and concerts.